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With 40 years of shaping experience, Tom Neilson has reached cult status on the East Coast for his custom surfboards and innovative design concepts. The Neilson Surfboards surf shop is located in Cocoa Beach, Florida. He ships both stock and custom surfboards all over the world. Tom works with polyurethane, EPS/epoxy and other materials like bamboo and carbon fiber to create both stock and custom surfboards. Whether you are looking for a stock board off the rack, or a highly personalized custom surfboard, Tom Neilson can shape you what you want.

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  • Custom fabric inlay on new longboard

    posted by Neilson Surfboards Thu, 07 Aug 2014 19:53:29 +0100
  • Anyone have any good Bertha photos? Post 'em if you got 'em. Share the stoke.
    posted by Neilson Surfboards Thu, 07 Aug 2014 14:30:00 +0100
  • Summer surf camp season is coming to an end and there are just perhaps one more week left! I you want to learn to surf, improve your surfing or just get some quality ocean time in for your kids this Summer it is not too late! Call Noah at 321-591-7049 Day rates, private lessons and week and group classes available. All ages!
    posted by Neilson Surfboards Wed, 06 Aug 2014 17:30:18 +0100

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  • The ever so enigmatic blunt…
    Yes, the blunt not your sexy 6’0 x 18.5 shortboard but damn that board is so much fun to ride. Especially when the waves are less than macking (like they were yesterday). I went to the beach with my 6’3 roundo epoxy stringerless short board and was hoping for some leftover surprises. But the Florida […]
  • Need a Neilson??? Ohana has a board for you!
    Ohana Surf shop in Stewart Beach has a new Neilson for you right now. No blues, just great riding boards hands down. Check out the inventory below and then go by and see them. Jordan and crew are super cool genuine real surfers in a for real surfers surf shop! So support the real deal […]
  • Get your new Summer time longboard ordered!
    Some nice color on a longboard can make that board memorable for the rest of your life. The paint or color design helps key your memory on some of the great rides you had while riding that board!
  • S.S. Glider new longboard model
    Nothing better than picking up a new longboard at the beginning of Summer to keep your stoke up by staying in the water! This is Michael Tripp picking up a new 9’6″ in epoxy!
  • Exit stage Right!!
    Sometimes when there are boulders submerged and exposed thirty feet away and you have already landed on your back on one earlier in the day – Several people have been lacerated, abraded and had multiple contusions and foot cuts…a floater might not be a good call…and a survival exit is in order! (Actually this was […]