Neilson Surfboards : Blunt SUP

The Blunt SUP is a stretched version of our popular mini-longboard shape. This is the ideal board for the beginner who still wants to have fun as they improve and then hit the surf. The Blunt SUP is good in Florida's softer waves and features a kick in the nose rocker and tail rocker. Features either a flat bottom or pronounced single concave throughout the entire bottom. This board is very stable as it has a fuller rail shape and then is complemented with a quad fin set up so that it is still easy to turn. Recommended size is 9'6" x 30 x 4.25. Also comes in a 10' 5"x 30 x 4.75 for folks over 190 lbs or who want to take a small child or dog along for flat water paddles.

Size Range - 9' 6" to 10' 0"

Fin Options

FCS Futures fins
quad fin setup