Neilson Surfboards : Eggo

The Eggo is designed to be ridden thicker than your average shortboard, which allows you to ride a much shorter board. You can go 2 3/4" thick and ride The Eggo 5" shorter than your normal thruster. This allows you to put the board in places on the wave that a longer board just wouldn't fit. This works really well for small summertime waves as it fits nicely in the pocket but it doesn't limit it to only small waves.

Team rider Lee Roth rides one in small weak conditions and rips airs over sections and keeps going down the line. The one I have I like to do lay back snaps in the pocket and push long drawn out bottom turns. Dave Reeves does it all on one, with sick tube rides and serious mid face hacks.

Cruise, flow or push out the stops on this updated retro adaptation.

Size Range - 5' 6" to 6' 2"

Fin Options

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Five fin convertible
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twin fin setup
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