Neilson Surfboards : Hawaiian Classic

This board resulted from collaborating with Neilson Surf shop manager Andy Weil who was a very particular and good longboarder. He needed a no frills longboard. It had to paddle good, be forgiving and not too much rocker nor so flat it pearled if you did not nail the takeoff on one of our choppy days.

It's not overshaped where the nose and tail are so foiled and thin that unless you had an absolutely perfect wave it would not work. I listened to how he wanted the thickness flow, rocker and template. He loved it and being a generous kind soul he let his best friends and shop customers all ride his board. They loved it and ordered boards as well and I quickly figured out that I needed to make this board as a new model and let everyone know about it not just his best friends!

It has the "Hawaiian Classic" name because it was shaped using a tail rocker technique I learned while in Hawaii many years ago. The shaping technique creates an accelerating tail rocker that is free of excessive vee, but still lets you step back and turn the board quickly without spinning out. All the while keeping your speed up through the turn.

If you want a good solid, forgiving, great riding longboard then order The "Hawaiian classic".

Standard Dimensions - 9'0" x 23 x 2 7/8 (the original formula)
8'6" x 22.5 x 2 3/4
9'2" x 23 x 3
9'4" x 23.25 x 3
9'6" x 23.5 x 3
10' x 24 x 3.25 or 3 1/8

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Fin Options

FCS Futures fins


Recommended fin:
9.5 TK Flex
9.75 Greenough 4A