Neilson Surfboards : HP Pro

Developed with team rider Jimmy Walker, this is our high performance longboard for red hot top to bottom surfing in good waves. What was designed to give the board insane speed ended up creating a board that also nose rides really well.

HP "trick bottom" longboard - The "trick" speed concave bottom is named thus because it is pretty tricky to shape! Team riders report that it "locks in" when nose riding giving it a unintended bonus. The other surprising result was that it rides smaller waves and the big stuff to boot, or heel...or, you get the picture. So if your looking for that truly "high performance" longboard, look no further.

Features foiled nose and tail, lower rails in the nose/tail sections with accelerated tail rocker, single flow nose concave with a double tail concave for speed and drive. Side bites and box recommended.

Size Range - 8' 10" to 9' 4"

Fin Options

FCS Futures fins


2 + 1

quad fin setup