Neilson Surfboards - Roundo



Developed with team rider Tom Furey who now lives in Hawaii and visits his roots in Boca from time to time.

The Roundo has a ton of drive and rides well in the best hollow surf or can grovel the smaller stuff with the best of them. This is great "all-around" board and a great option if you want maximum range out of a single board. Pair this with the 5-fin convertible setup and you've got a board that can take you from weak thigh high surf to well overhead barrels.


"Best roundhouse I have ever done in my life" - R. Long

"I've ridden the best boards, shapers and this just blows them all away" - Nick
(Nick is one of the best serious waterman I have met - Tom)

Size Range - 5' 4" to 6' 6"

Fin Options

FCS Futures fins
Five fin convertible
five-fin-convertible fin setup
thruster fin setup
quad fin setup

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