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Neilson Surfboards - Featured Surfboard: Super Squash

Super Squash

The Super Squash is a small wave groveler that is designed with a forward wide point to give you excellent paddling and early wave entry along with lower nose rocker that is concentrated in the last part of the board to keep it forgiving.

The pulled in tail vs the nose lets the back half of the board surf more like a true short board creating the ability to turn in critical sections or more vertical off the bottom and the top of the wave. The bottom rocker is flatter and has a double concave tail for speed when driving the board and through each turn. It's is a fun Summer blues buster that you can also ride in punchy hollower waves, do airs with ease and get more vertical even in our normal surf!

Standard Dimensions - 5'8" x 20" x 2 3/8"

Fin Options

FCS Futures fins
Five fin convertible
five-fin-convertible fin setup
thruster fin setup
quad fin setup

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